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Hudson (Nashua) New Hampshire

Product Safety Testing at Core Compliance Testing Services of Hudson NHWe safety-test a wide range of products, including information technology, electrical, laboratory and medical equipment.

These tests include evaluative and pre-test safety tests; formal testing and reports for the CE mark; and witness test arrangements with agencies, on-site.

Current test capabilities include:

  • Hipot (di-electric strength), AC & DC.
  • Insulation resistance.
  • Ground bound/earth resistance.
  • Leakage/touch current.
  • Surge.
  • Input power ratings
  • Stored energy / capacitor discharge
  • Heating, operating and abnormal temperatures, stalled fans, blocked vents
  • Ball drop; pendulum; digital force gauge / force finger tests; conditioning; articulate test finger, telco.
  • Test finger, test pin, sharp edge; handle pull; indelibility; marking/ labeling and user manual reviews; over-voltage/power-fault.
  • Accessibility.
  • Stability/tip tests.

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